Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How To Handle Tricky Interview Questions - Do You have Any Weak Points In Your Education Or Experience?

A straightforward question about your weakness always makes you nervous and you start answering with aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, ummmmmmmmmm, actually etc etc but do you want to face this interview question confidently? You have been going through the interview questions series and now you are know that no question on the earth is difficult to answer. All you need to be smart and intelligent to grab the opportunity and turn the interview session in your favor. Likewise you just need to do some homework to grab the bull by horn.

Create Your Resume With Pride

First of all you should have a resume, which deemphasizes your weaknesses and emphasizes your strengths. To create impression your education and experience slots should be written in a way that reader cannot judge the loophole in an instance.

Do not Be Too Honest

If you feel that you are failed to hide some weak points then do not worry just explain it in front of interviewer but keep in mind that do not discuss it to much, just point out two or three weaknesses and let the topic go.

Offer The substitute

With pointing your mistakes, do not forget to offer some counter strengths of your to subsidies the impact of weaknesses.

Do you have any suggestion to handle this interview question intelligently? The comment box is open for all of you.

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