Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How To Handle Tricky Interview Question - After 5 Years, Where Do You Want To See You In Your Career

First of all apologies from my side due to my lengthy absence. I had been busy on some other projects that's why I couldn't write the post, but now I am back with another interview question.

For career development you should plan your career in terms of 5 years and 10 years, but why an interviewer wants to know about your career planning?  What benefits he might gain by knowing your career plan? If you have been following our 16 toughest interview series, then you should know that each and every interview question lets the interviewer judge you on the hiring scale like wise, this question is another opportunity for interviewer to check the element of persistent in yourself. He also wants to know that how much this job is important for you and where it is placed in your career plan. Your answer should reflect your enthusiasm for the job with a proof that you are persistent in your career. Now the question is how can you show it? Well, I have some tips for you. Let's move to them.
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