Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Make Your Employee Relation Better - Use Your Organization Internal Network

Building good employee relation is one of the biggest job of HR department of any organization. it is not only the biggest job but also a toughest job on earth because human demands, preferences and priorities vary from person to person and making everyone happy at a time is impossible that is why HR people always struggle to keep balance between employee and employer.
Another hard reality is, HR people mostly fail to keep balance between employee and employer because they are employees themselves and compel to take orders from employer. Sometimes this situation lead to ruining employee relations.

There are various tool which can be used to build up good employee relation and one of them organization internal network. Your organization internal network can help you to strengthen employee relations in various manner. Let us have look on how your internal network can do the magic.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Plan Your Own Job Promotion

Do you know you can easily plan your own promotion? Promotion is an important milestone in a way of your career development and being a CAREER LION, we believe, our career advancement is in our hand.
Moving up to next step on the stairs of your career success is obviously depends on promoting to higher level but it is always a hardest task in your job plan  but to accomplish this task you have to drive your career vehicle efficiently and wisely. Getting promotion is not only about hard work, Punctuality and accomplished projects. You have to be more smart and efficient and have ability to use right tools at right time.
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