Wednesday, July 31, 2013

4 Career Problems With One Solution

Actually career problems have three types
  1. You know both the problem and its solution.
  2. You know the problem but do not have solution
  3. You have stuck at your career path and do not even know the problem.

If you  both know the problem and its situation then congratulations! one day you will get rid of problem but in case of last two situation, you always need help to solve problem and today we are going to find ONE SOLUTION for 4 different career problems. let us start with problems and end with solution.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

5 Reasons That Your Boss Is Over Demanding

I think the word "BOSS" is the most negative term we have ever had in our corporate relations but even with this negativity, we all have to deal with a "BOSS" in our career lives.
Bosses have different types and categories like some are high need achievers, some always bullying with their subordinates  some are kind or some are rude. Al the boss' types are worth discussing but today we will talk about the most irritating boss. Yeah the boss who demands you to work and act like an iron man. This type of boss is generally called a OVER DEMANDING BOSS

If you think that your boss demands unrealistically and makes your job harder then you must read this post in order to know that why he is like that? The more you know the childish behavior of your boss, the easily you can handle him.

Monday, July 8, 2013

3 Marvellous Resume Building Methods

We all know the power of resume in our career success. We find our career way block if we have not competent and professional-looking resume. 
We always emphasize on hiring  professional resume writer because only a professional resume writer knows  the right nerve of hiring managers and a professional resume writers are trained to put hand on this nerve but sometimes we do not have such finance to hire any professional writer or sometimes we simply do not have ample time to contact a resume writer.
After realizing this hard reality, we search for some online resume helps which are either cheap or even free without lowering the quality. This post is help for all those people who does not have finance or issues with time to hire someone professional. So, without any further delay let us start reading about those online resume helps.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Understand The Interviewing Process - Read The Recruiters Mind

Interview is a process of exchanging information between the employer and applicant. It is a formal meeting, held to evaluate each other. You cannot get a job offer without facing an interview. This is the reason which makes applicants stressed, nervous and anxious.

If you are like those people who are always afraid of interview then I have a good news for you. You can easily overcome your fear and turn this fear into fun and thrill. How can this miracle happen? so simple! you just need to read the recruiters mind. Yeah yeah I know you are wondering how would you be able to read recruiters mind, specially in a case when you will have to different recruiters of different companies.
Actually, like mathematics, In HR somethings are rigorous and followed by the rules. The only difference between the mathematics and HR is, maths rules are pre-written while HR rules are  unspoken. Same is the case with interviewing process.
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