Friday, December 13, 2013

How To Answer Tricky Interview Question-Why Do You Want To Work With Us.

So, you have learnt to tackle the first tricky interview question that was "What was the toughest decision you ever have made?" Now we are ready to learn handling the next tough interview question which is Why Do You Want To Work With Us?

The answer of this question is purely depends on your interview homework. It let recruiters know that how much you know about the organization and how perfectly you read the job advertisement. Surprised? Yeah you should be. Actually every question of an interview disguise the intentions of interviewer to know something. The intentions behind of this interview question is get to know that how much candidate know about the organization. The more a candidate knows the more he is eager to work with them and ultimately the more he will be productive employee for them.
As earlier I said that the answer of this question is based on our interview homework or interview preparation. So let us start doing our homework

Open The Company Website

Open the company website and thoroughly read each segment of it. Memorize the name of company  C.E.O, Name of departments and departmental heads (If given). Understand the company vision and mission statement and list down the things which you liked.

Think Smartly

When you think that you have gathered and understood enough information then take your time and think how these information can be used to leave your impression and let hiring managers know that you are dying to work in their company (yeah yeah I know word dying is too exaggerating :) )

Relate, Relate And Relate

Now relate your experience, your skills and your education with the information you have collected and show the interviewer that you are too compatible to their company that they cannot even think to hire someone else. (Again exaggeration but trust me! It will work)
So dear readers are you happy to learn the second tough interview question. Do you guys have something to add? You can use comment box to share your thoughts.
Next time we will discuss the third tough interview question that is


  1. Dear,

    Iam working as a Hr-Executive in a Software Company last june 2012 to till date but company not give any hike i leave this organization yeha continue i am confused.I am asking for hike but our head of this company saying do one thing looking job ....pls help me me...?

    1. Dear Santosh

      First of all request your relevant authorities for salary hike in written, wait for a month and if nothing happens then start looking for new job but do not leave your current job until you have gotten another.

      Your Career Lion


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