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How To Answer Interview Question - Can We Offer You A Career Path?

Your each job determines your next career move that is why I always suggest my clients that choose a job which will be beneficial for your career in long term. Some jobs do look good, having attractive compensation package but it may stuck you at your career path so, always avoid career mistakes and choose a job which have career development potential

Here  the questions is, how can you analyze the future of any job? but in actual job analysis is not so difficult, You do this analysis by different means.

  • From job advertisement
  • By gathering information about company
  • During interview.
For best analysis you should use all three means but as far as my recommendation is, interview is the best source of judging any job's future.

Most of people think only an interviewer can ask question during interview however it is wrong concept. An interview is a process of exchanging information and both interviewee and interviewer have rights to ask. You should ask some question in order to better know about the designation (for which you are being interviewed), about company, its policies etc.

With your RIGHT of asking questions, some of interviewer questions also provides you opportunity to better know about the company and the job, for which you are called and from those questions, one question from them is:

Can We Offer You A Career Path?

How? Let me show you but before showing this. I would like to have quick review of interview questions which we have already learnt to handle

  1. What Was The Toughest Decision You Ever Have Made?
  2. Why Do You Want To Work With Us?
  3. Why Should We Hire You?
Let us come to handle the todays interview question.

Whenever you are asked this or similar question, take a deep breath, focus your mind to the interviewer and start answering in following manner

No.1 You Need To Show Some Attitude

Start like this "Sir/madam, how I can say, whether you will provide a career path or not until I do not know about your company? I need some information to answer you honestly.

No.2 Ask Questions Wisely

When you feel that interviewer has given you a green signal to ask about company then choose your questions according to your career plans and ask the.

Which Questions You Can Ask?

Your questions depends on your career plans and priorities but to judge the organization, following areas are recommended to cover in YOUR questions.
  1. Company employees strength.
  2. Job resignation/ termination/ downsizing policy
  3. On-job/Off-job training facilities in company.
  4. Promotion criteria
  5. Increment criteria.

How Much You Should Ask

It is not wise to ask too much or too little. On average you can ask five questions. Asking bluntly about salary is also not advisable. You may ask about the annual increment politely but never ask about the salary until it is asked by interviewer.

What Should Be Your Final Answer

You have use your right of asking. Now it's time to reply. Keep all answers of your questions in mind and answer the recruiters with solid rationales whether they have career path for you or they have not. Be honest, be humble, be polite.

Do you want to agree more? the comment box is open for you.
Next time we will come with another interview question:

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