Friday, December 27, 2013

How To Answer Interview Question - Can We Offer You A Career Path?

Your each job determines your next career move that is why I always suggest my clients that choose a job which will be beneficial for your career in long term. Some jobs do look good, having attractive compensation package but it may stuck you at your career path so, always avoid career mistakes and choose a job which have career development potential

Here  the questions is, how can you analyze the future of any job? but in actual job analysis is not so difficult, You do this analysis by different means.

  • From job advertisement
  • By gathering information about company
  • During interview.
For best analysis you should use all three means but as far as my recommendation is, interview is the best source of judging any job's future.

Most of people think only an interviewer can ask question during interview however it is wrong concept. An interview is a process of exchanging information and both interviewee and interviewer have rights to ask. You should ask some question in order to better know about the designation (for which you are being interviewed), about company, its policies etc.

With your RIGHT of asking questions, some of interviewer questions also provides you opportunity to better know about the company and the job, for which you are called and from those questions, one question from them is:

Can We Offer You A Career Path?

How? Let me show you but before showing this. I would like to have quick review of interview questions which we have already learnt to handle

  1. What Was The Toughest Decision You Ever Have Made?
  2. Why Do You Want To Work With Us?
  3. Why Should We Hire You?
Let us come to handle the todays interview question.

Monday, December 23, 2013

How To Answer Interview Questions - If We Hire You, What Changes Will You Make?

Today I am very excited to discuss the 4th question of interview  series because it is the question which let candidate to play with interviewer but unfortunately candidates do not know how to play with interviewer because this interview question seems too difficult and tricky and candidate loses his/her attention and gets blank when it is asked That is why I have come up with the easiest way to handle this question but before discussing anything about it, have a look to those three questions, which we have already learnt to handle.
  1. What Was The Toughest Decision You Ever Have Made?
  2. Why Do You Want To Work With Us?
  3. Why Should We Hire You?

Our next interview question is:

If We Hire You, What Changes Will You Make?

You must be surprised by knowing, this question lets candidate to play with interviewer and you may be thinking that I have gone insane but believe me, I am too damn serious and sane. Let me show you, how can you play with interviewer by answering this question, in three simple steps

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Why Should We Hire You - How The Answer This Trickiest Interview Question

We are done with two interview questions:

Now its time to learn handling the most important and trickiest question of interview that is

Why Should We Hire you?

As I said in previous post, each interview question hides the intention of interviewer to better know the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. This question also let recruiter know, how a candidate see himself and how much he is convinced  that he is essential for the company.

This question also gives the opportunity to candidate to convince the recruiters that he is the BEST CHOICE for the job and has QUALIFICATION which they are searching for. In short, this question requires convincing power .

Now the question is, how should we answer this valuable question efficiently? This post will let you learn answering this question but do remember one thing, to answer this question, you have to prepare yourself before going to interview. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

How To Answer Tricky Interview Question-Why Do You Want To Work With Us.

So, you have learnt to tackle the first tricky interview question that was "What was the toughest decision you ever have made?" Now we are ready to learn handling the next tough interview question which is Why Do You Want To Work With Us?

The answer of this question is purely depends on your interview homework. It let recruiters know that how much you know about the organization and how perfectly you read the job advertisement. Surprised? Yeah you should be. Actually every question of an interview disguise the intentions of interviewer to know something. The intentions behind of this interview question is get to know that how much candidate know about the organization. The more a candidate knows the more he is eager to work with them and ultimately the more he will be productive employee for them.
As earlier I said that the answer of this question is based on our interview homework or interview preparation. So let us start doing our homework

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How To Answer 16 Toughest Interview Questions.

For most of the folks, interview is the most difficult step at the career ladder because it brings not only excitement but also makes us nervous. Most of people get butterflies in stomach whenever they think about the interview, interviewer and all the possible questions which can be asked during the interview. Actually delivering a good interview is not as difficult as it seems. If you understand the interview process, you know the "MUST HAVES FOR INTERVIEW" and you are prepared for all the possible interview questions then no body can stop you to have best interview. we already have discussed about interviews must haves and interview process, today we are going to the most vital part of interview session that is questions and answers part.
Generally you are asked some simple questions at the starting like your name, nationality, interests and gradually recruiters come to more difficult and tricky questions. I have concluded 16 most tricky questions, which are asked frequently in the question and I will teach you how to answer those 16 questions in 16 different posts. So, stay connected with us and make every interview a success.

The first question of this series is:
What was the toughest decision you ever have made?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Common Career Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Taking career decision to develop your career is not always easy. Sometimes you get confused to make choice among different career options because you do not know which option will serve you best and which may led you to wrong career path.
There can be lots of way to choose right career decisions like asking career advise from career expert or get career counselling or search internet for getting any career help.

Being a career adviser I always recommend people to take career decisions after keeping all pros and cons in mind. Do not take any step in hurry. Do not be short sighted and always grab the opportunity that will be beneficial for you in long run. Some offers and opportunities do seem attractive at a time but it may leave you at dead end in the future.
I have prepared this post through my professional experience of career advising. It is comprised of the career mistakes which people normally do but they have no idea about it.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Is Your Resume Not Getting Interview Call? Fix Your Resume Mistakes

I have been providing resume analyzing and resume creating facility to my customer for a while. I receive hundreds of resume daily for analyzing and believe me most of them are poor. Yeah I know I am sounding harsh and rude but it is fact. Actually the problem is, most of people think resume writing as easy as writing an extempore essay in exams while creating a resume is rather a difficult task and needs some creative, writing and analyzing skills.

The problem is people think of hiring professional resume writer as a waste of money and time. They do not know, paying to professional resume writer is investing in your career because resume is first step of successful career
Providing career guidance is my job and if some people are not convinced of hiring professional resume writer then I come up with some common mistakes of resume which I commonly find  in resume and most of people are not aware of these mistakes.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How To Develop Productive Work Force

Productive work force is asset for any company. The main responsibility of HR department of any company is to seek, retain, prepare, engage, grow, train and polish effective work force. A work force which can meet challenges and increases the business productivity.

Keeping productive work force is not an easy task because skills sets, needs, demands and grievances of every person varies so making every employee engaged and happy so that he/she will be productive, is not possible but do you know by implementing some small tricks you can enhance your employees productivity up to 30%. Actually, it is true that you cannot make everyone happy at every time but you can make maximum people happy for the longer time, you just need to be smart and intelligent. Let us learn how to develop effective and productive work force by implementing small techniques.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Build Your Resume In 10 Minutes

Creating job-winning is not an easy task. Every job seeker needs eye-catching resume but not every job seeker can create job-winning resume. Why? Because resume writing is an art. You need strong sentences, powerful verbs and understanding of recruiters mind.
If you have been searching for job, posting your resume at different job portals but you are not getting any interview call then it is time to review your resume. Carefully analyze that does your resume have any attraction for recruiters? or your resume is cluttered with job descriptions?
As above we said that resume writing is not an easy task but thanks to technology which made it easier for us ans there are plenty of online resume builders which guarantee AWESOME resume. Today we are going to discuss one of the online resume builder which wants only 10 minutes of yours and let you build your professional-looking resume

What is that Miracle? It is a website called Simple Resume. Now let us look to benefits of using Simple Resume.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Common Fresher Problems And Solutions Of Them

Getting firsts job is exciting, thrilling and joy full but sometimes it becomes nightmare due to your inexperience and lack of knowledge of corporate world. Sometimes the problems are not too big but you get stressed because you do not know how to handle the situation.
Fresher are sometimes nervous, tense and confused and seniors take benefit of it. They use fresher for their own benefits and sometimes make them scapegoat for them and due to unawareness of corporate politics they fall in the trap which sometimes seriously hurt their career.
After the keen observation we have concluded some top problems which fresher faces at the starting of their career. Do not worry we are not going to only indicate the problem but we also come up  with solution of each problem.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Kill Your Professional Image By Using Linkedin Wrongly

Linkedin is the popular professional network for maintaining and building contact. It facilitates both employee and employer. If you are employer, you can easily search for right candidate through linkedin by screening different profiles and if you are looking for a job then you have various ways to find out one. You can update your status that you are looking for job and you can get updates from different organization. You can follow your favorite organization for getting job updates or you can join groups to seek new job.

No doubt linkedin is a great professional network but do you know? many people are sabotaging their professional image through linkedin and still they have no idea what they are doing and how they are killing their career.
We have compiled a list of dangerous job mistakes, which people normally do without knowing the fact that how they are playing with their careers.

Monday, November 4, 2013

How To Explain Employment Gap In Your Resume

Job searching is such a pain in this depressed economy and it becomes more severe when you have gap in employment. Sometimes this employment gap makes you embarrassed, sometimes worried and sometimes stressed.
You always feel your resume worth less when you have employment gap but filling this gap is not difficult. You can easily show it as your skill rather then your weakness. All you need to be pro active and intelligent.
Let us move to  techniques of managing employment gap in resume.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Is Your Resume Cluttered With Job Description?

What can be the worst part in any resume? It is presenting long long job descriptions with heading of Experience. Shocked? Do not believe me? But it is fact. About 80% of people write down their job descriptions in their resumes with the heading of experience. Why do people do this? Because they perceive their experience is what they daily do and feel proud to present it.
Actually this perception is totally wrong. You indeed get experience by doing work as per your job description but recruiters are not looking forward for your daily routine at work. Instead they want to know how you do your work and how do you achieve your goals but most of job seekers fail to present this

Now the question is, How should we write or get to write our experience in our resume. Well we have come with some simple and easy solutions for writing our experience in effective manner

Monday, October 21, 2013

Benefits Of Thank-You Note After Interview

Sending a thank-you note after interview is not so common. In fact most of us take it as time wasting or useless activity but believe me, a thank you letter can do wonder for you. It may persuade recruiters to hire you. It can make a difference between you and your competitors. You can take many advantages from your thank-you note.How? let us show you.

Monday, October 14, 2013

How To Deal With Threatening Boss

It is 8:00 A.M and Jane has to go for work but the thought of going to office making her sick. because of her boss. She has no mental compatibility with her boss and  has worst relations with the him. Her boss keeps threatening to fire her or to charge false allegations. Work environment has become hell to her and she is getting depressed day by day. She has no idea how to come out from the situation and turn situation in her favor.
Well if you are in similar situation then we can help you. Sit back, relax and read step-by-step career solution for this problem.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

How To Deal With Abuse Of Internet At Work

Internet is indispensable for any office but sometimes it becomes biggest problem for managers due to its abuse by employees. It is seen many times that employees waste their time on playing games, updating their status on facebook or tweeting their views on twitter which ultimately brings work delay or fall in productivity.
This is really a worrisome situation for all managers that's why we have come with some tips to restrict their employees' internet use at work.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Make Your Employee Relation Better - Use Your Organization Internal Network

Building good employee relation is one of the biggest job of HR department of any organization. it is not only the biggest job but also a toughest job on earth because human demands, preferences and priorities vary from person to person and making everyone happy at a time is impossible that is why HR people always struggle to keep balance between employee and employer.
Another hard reality is, HR people mostly fail to keep balance between employee and employer because they are employees themselves and compel to take orders from employer. Sometimes this situation lead to ruining employee relations.

There are various tool which can be used to build up good employee relation and one of them organization internal network. Your organization internal network can help you to strengthen employee relations in various manner. Let us have look on how your internal network can do the magic.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Plan Your Own Job Promotion

Do you know you can easily plan your own promotion? Promotion is an important milestone in a way of your career development and being a CAREER LION, we believe, our career advancement is in our hand.
Moving up to next step on the stairs of your career success is obviously depends on promoting to higher level but it is always a hardest task in your job plan  but to accomplish this task you have to drive your career vehicle efficiently and wisely. Getting promotion is not only about hard work, Punctuality and accomplished projects. You have to be more smart and efficient and have ability to use right tools at right time.

Friday, August 23, 2013

5 Signs which Show Your Employee Is Not Motivated For Job

Your employee motivation towards job is no less than asset for you. You should always try to keep your employees motivated for the job because employee motivation is an integral part of effective workforce. Motivated employees are always eager to explore and experiment new ways of doing their job which ultimately brings prosperity and growth for a business.

Now you are wondering how can you peer in someone's brain and heart to measure his motivation level. Actually, emotions and feelings are not measured. They are rather guessed through attitude, behavior and body language. For your ease we are collecting some signs which definitely indicate demotivating employee.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

5 Situations That Forbid You To Accept Counter Offer

Sometimes searching new job is  rather easy then deciding between new and old job. It happens when you come to your boss with resignation and tell him that you have got the new one but your boss asks you to stay and offers you better compensation and benefits.

Now, you are wondering whether it is good to accept counter offer or not. Actually analyzing counter offer is not too difficult. You just get to know some points according to your career planning because all your job concerns depends on your career planning. There are some situations in which, accepting counter offer is not advisable.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Create Your Resume With Pride

You always want  to highlight your strengths in resume and  completely remove all the weaknesses from it because you know that a powerful resume opens a door of successful career but sometimes it is not that easy and your resume speaks out loud your weak points. This situation is worrisome for many people or should I say it WAS worrisome for many people because after reading this post you will be able to hide all your negative points within your resume.

It is not possible to cover all career weaknesses in one post. So, we are discussing some common weaknesses here, If you have some other weaknesses then you can ask it solution at comment section.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

4 Career Problems With One Solution

Actually career problems have three types
  1. You know both the problem and its solution.
  2. You know the problem but do not have solution
  3. You have stuck at your career path and do not even know the problem.

If you  both know the problem and its situation then congratulations! one day you will get rid of problem but in case of last two situation, you always need help to solve problem and today we are going to find ONE SOLUTION for 4 different career problems. let us start with problems and end with solution.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

5 Reasons That Your Boss Is Over Demanding

I think the word "BOSS" is the most negative term we have ever had in our corporate relations but even with this negativity, we all have to deal with a "BOSS" in our career lives.
Bosses have different types and categories like some are high need achievers, some always bullying with their subordinates  some are kind or some are rude. Al the boss' types are worth discussing but today we will talk about the most irritating boss. Yeah the boss who demands you to work and act like an iron man. This type of boss is generally called a OVER DEMANDING BOSS

If you think that your boss demands unrealistically and makes your job harder then you must read this post in order to know that why he is like that? The more you know the childish behavior of your boss, the easily you can handle him.

Monday, July 8, 2013

3 Marvellous Resume Building Methods

We all know the power of resume in our career success. We find our career way block if we have not competent and professional-looking resume. 
We always emphasize on hiring  professional resume writer because only a professional resume writer knows  the right nerve of hiring managers and a professional resume writers are trained to put hand on this nerve but sometimes we do not have such finance to hire any professional writer or sometimes we simply do not have ample time to contact a resume writer.
After realizing this hard reality, we search for some online resume helps which are either cheap or even free without lowering the quality. This post is help for all those people who does not have finance or issues with time to hire someone professional. So, without any further delay let us start reading about those online resume helps.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Understand The Interviewing Process - Read The Recruiters Mind

Interview is a process of exchanging information between the employer and applicant. It is a formal meeting, held to evaluate each other. You cannot get a job offer without facing an interview. This is the reason which makes applicants stressed, nervous and anxious.

If you are like those people who are always afraid of interview then I have a good news for you. You can easily overcome your fear and turn this fear into fun and thrill. How can this miracle happen? so simple! you just need to read the recruiters mind. Yeah yeah I know you are wondering how would you be able to read recruiters mind, specially in a case when you will have to different recruiters of different companies.
Actually, like mathematics, In HR somethings are rigorous and followed by the rules. The only difference between the mathematics and HR is, maths rules are pre-written while HR rules are  unspoken. Same is the case with interviewing process.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Resume - How To Find Right Key and open the door of career success

We all get naturally worried when we come to know that our career success is greatly depend on our resumes and this fact make us desperate to find right key for us. Today’s post let us help for searching this right key but getting this help I must recommend you to read previous posts of this "Make Your Job Search Easier and Quicker" series. We have already 2 published articles on this series

  1. Understand The Recruitment Techniques

  1. Resume – A Key Of Door To Successful Career
we can easily find our right key by knowing three facts.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Resume - A Key To Door Of Successful Career

I hope you now have clear understanding about recruiting techniques. As we promised, today we are going to discuss about resumes. This is the second post of our "Make Your Job Search Easier & Quicker" and after reading this post you can better stand resumes

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Understand Recruitment Techniques - Make Your Job Search Strategy Easier

Searching a new job is not an easy task. Sometimes you have to wait for months to get one but you can make it easier and quicker by following some logical steps. These steps cannot be covered in one post so, we are giving separate titles to each step and will present it in a series. The first article of this series is all about the recruitment techniques, which are followed by different companies. We are splitting up these techniques as techniques, which are commonly followed by large organizations, and the techniques followed by the small organizations. Let’s start increasing our knowledge about recruitment procedures so later on we can put it in our job search strategy.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Turn Your Talent Into Business- Start Your Own Catering Service

Are you the one who enjoys cooking and people generally like the taste of your dishes? Yes? Then congrats, you can start your own catering service. As rate of unemployment getting high people find it difficult to get a job. This is the reason that plays part in increasing small home-based business and services. These businesses need relatively less finance and easy to start. We have long list of those business but today we are going to learn about starting a catering service.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Do You have The Line Of Action For Getting Internship?

We have reached in middle of May and this is the best time for applying internship. Some students perceive that getting internship is a tough job and only the lucky ones are succeed to have it but this perception is totally wrong. You just need a proper line of action and at the end you will have it. This proper plan an line of action has some assumed steps. Today we are going to learn these steps.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

You Have 4 wrong Thoughts About Internship

Do you think that your career management starts with your job? No, you are completely wrong. It rather starts with choosing your subject for studies and then continues throughout your student and job life. During student life, your career management can be hidden in organizing and attending workshops/seminars, participating in co-curricular activities, volunteering and doing internships because all these activities help you out for building contacts list, improve your communication skills and build up professionalism in you.

When students are engaged in learning theoretical aspects of their degree, they are also supposed to do internship for learning practical aspects. Actually practical world is far different from theory world that is why universities make it compulsory for getting degree but unfortunately, some common misunderstandings have been developed about it, which we are listing here:

Thursday, May 2, 2013

6 Amazing Traits Of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur is the person who, after analyzing risk and marketing conditions, initiate or re-initiate a business by combining all 3 types of resources that is human resources, physical resources and financial resources.

By this narrow definition one can easily think that be an entrepreneur is such a simple and easy task but it is not the case in real, on the contrary, choosing your goal as a successful entrepreneur is rather a challenging task. If you do not have any wishful thinking about startinga business and you have the set of some specific traits then nobody can stop you to become a successful entrepreneur  So, without any further delay let us start sorting out those essential traits of successful businessman or entrepreneur.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Is Your Job Plan Armed With All Essential Elements?

Sometimes we start some job with hearty joy and excitement and think about it as our Dream Job  but after sometime what happens? Our dream job start losing interest and it seems burden to us and we wonder what caused it?

Let us move to another fact, which will help us to figure out the cause of losing interest in our dream job. Another fact is 70% of career pursuing people do not have any job plans or if they do so then it only revolves around the monetary incentives. The whole point of accepting any job for them is compensation but when they get job with this single element plan, sometimes they start losing their interest and wonder why they are no more motivated to their job? If you ever experienced similar situation then unfortunately you are also short sighted like those people who think accepting a job has only one scale that is awesome salary and job benefits. This post is written for clarifying this common misunderstanding and showing you the other important job plan elements, which one should consider when he is offered a job.

Friday, April 12, 2013

How To Improve Your Communication Skills- In The Way OF Career Success

Previously we talked about importance of contact building in career management and I promised you to lighten it other aspects as well. If you did not read that article, you can read it here.
Actually, you cannot build and use your contacts without having good communication skills. We do all have communication skills because we have to communicate daily whether we want it or not, communication is an inescapable process, so we just need to polish it. Polishing your communication skills is just a game of nerve and confidence and today we are going learn playing this game.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4 Wishful Thinking About Starting A Business

I met many people who demand with themselves to Give Damn to their jobs, start their own business and be a entreprenuer. They believe that doing a business is a piece of cake and after eating one piece, without any effort, they would have thousand pieces Morer . I am writing this post for all those people who perceive doing business as easy as playing Ludo. Normally people have following wishful thinking about doing business.

Friday, April 5, 2013

3 powerful Importance Of Contact Building In Career Management

When I was conducting research in “ISSUES & CHALLENGES DURING CAREER DEVELOPMENT”, I met many people for gathering data, these people are from different careers, ages, gender and designations but one thing I found common in about 67% of my samples are, they are unaware of importance of contact building in career management.  Especially in Pakistan, generally people do not perceive contact building as career boosting tool even employees who have large number of contacts do not use it as powerful career tool, just because of their lack of awareness.  This situation gave me thought to write some importance of contact building for my readers

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Women! Stop! Being Discriminated or harassed at workplace By Your Own! Build An Aura Of Respect For You

It is the biggest truth on the earth that every single working woman faces gender discrimination and harassment at least once during her working hours. It is the hard reality despite of all laws and rules against gender biases or harassment. Therefore, in male dominating world we need some guidelines to protect ourselves. Women are compel to built respect for themselves by their own. Being a woman I felt my obligation to setup some guidelines for my precious female readers, so that they can build aura of respect around them by their own So, without any further delay we start building this aura of respect by just taking some steps

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stop! Do not Do These! These are poisons For Your Current Job

When we start new job after completing several steps like submitting resume and passing interview(s) we are always very cautious about it. Any step we take or any move we make is full of care and caution but what happen after a year or two? We start relaxing, Ignoring cautions and end up with deadly blunders. Well, it is human psychology that when he commands over something he becomes careless or takes it for granted but he forgets that misfortune always comes when we are sleeping. Now question arises what mistakes we generally make due to our lack of care.  After a thorough research, I collected some deadly mistakes that can deeply hurt your current job.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Must Haves For Successful Job Interview

You just have your degree and planning to put step in a field. You heard about your dream job, for starting your career with this dream job you would definitely send job application but have you ever think what you would do when you get interview call? Do you have any guiding line for a successful and impressive interview? Your dream job is directly depending on your performance during your interview. You have to present yourself as a “100% RIGHT CHOICE” just in couples of second. These are the points which might sounding difficult to you but do not worry we have a solution of your problem. Just try this and implement the following the given must haves for the successful job interview and your problem would be solved automatically.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

8 Simple Steps To Be Taken In Case Of Fire At Work Place

These two incidents provoke me to write this post. It is old saying that Hope for best but prepare for the worst and for preparing this worst idea of this post came in mind. This post tells you the steps  you should take  in case of fire at your work place. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

3 Keys To Organize Your Personal Office

Mr. Ahmad was sitting in his office with head in hands. His office was portraying like a battle field and the reason of whole mess was just a file. The whole story was, his boss asked for a file in a morning and till lunch he couldn’t find it. Now he is wondering what excuse he would make to boss
.Is the situation sounding like yours? Your answer is yes? Don’t worry you are going to get rid of this situation on coming weekend. The only condition is DETERMINATION & READING THIS POST.
Actually organizing your personal office is not a difficult task. You just need to understand some keys and next time you would not be compel to sit your head in hands.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Career Development A Challenge

Have you ever try to ride a horse? It seems difficult but once you grab the technique, you become the master of horse. Your career is like horse riding, you need to learn tips and techniques to make your horse run in the way of your career success but you must aware of the fact that speed of horse changes according to ups and downs of way, so the career is.
Couples of year back career rein were supposed to be in the hands of your boss but now a day career aspects are changed. Competitive corporate world demands you to take your own steps but some of us can not figure out these steps.
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