Saturday, June 1, 2013

Turn Your Talent Into Business- Start Your Own Catering Service

Are you the one who enjoys cooking and people generally like the taste of your dishes? Yes? Then congrats, you can start your own catering service. As rate of unemployment getting high people find it difficult to get a job. This is the reason that plays part in increasing small home-based business and services. These businesses need relatively less finance and easy to start. We have long list of those business but today we are going to learn about starting a catering service.

Please do remember that I stated catering business as easy to start not easy to carry on. It is never easy to earn from a business. You need tons of patience, hard work and intelligence to be successful businessperson.

After some thorough research, I have prepared step by step guide to start and enhance your catering service.

Step No.1 Assess Your Specialty

Before jumping in the sea take your time and critically analyze your self that what are you good at? Are you a good baker? Or your continental cuisine are always liked? or you always feel proud to serve your native food? Once you grab your area of expertise, you can move forward. I strongly recommend you that at the very first step you should start with one or maximum two types of food. The golden rule of doing business is start with bi-cycle and gradually takes it to airplane.

Step No.2 Choose Your Brand Name and Kitchen Address

Carefully give your food range a name so that you would be recognized by that name. You also need a place, which you can use for taking and completing your orders. Here I recommend you to start with your own kitchen and avoid renting any place. Once you start getting large and ample orders, you can move to bigger one.

Step No.3 Prepare Your Menu Card

You have decided your cooking area now it is time for setting your menu card. You do not need an expensive and fancy one. A print out or a photocopied menu can do the work but do remember that your menu card must have your brand name, address and phone no.

Step No.4 Target Your Customer

Initially set your target for micro-level. You can cater for individual lunch for office, school/college canteen or some family picnic etc.

Step No.5 Start Advertising

You have successfully completed initial stage of your business. Now, the time has come for advertisement. Again, I do not recommend you to spend a lot on marketing. Ask your friends and family to spread the word about your business. You can also use social media, 
personal page on websites and email for advertisement. One thing I personally recommend you to visit offices, schools and colleges for lunch contracts. Do not forget bringing your offered samples. Samples convince better.

These are the 5 initial and simple steps for setting up catering business but a business needs lots of things like budgeting, kitchen management, legal aspects. I did not  write these things because all these things are included in The Starting a Catering Business Start-Up Guide Kit™ which also includes all of the necessary forms that are needed to operate a catering business like financial forms, sample business letters and a complete business plan. 

Like this you can also start your own coffee shop, ice cream parlor, food truck or BBQ business by using this guide 


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