Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4 Wishful Thinking About Starting A Business

I met many people who demand with themselves to Give Damn to their jobs, start their own business and be a entreprenuer. They believe that doing a business is a piece of cake and after eating one piece, without any effort, they would have thousand pieces Morer . I am writing this post for all those people who perceive doing business as easy as playing Ludo. Normally people have following wishful thinking about doing business.

NO.1 You Will Be Master Of Your Own

Yeah true! Many of would-be businessperson thinks foolishly that they will be master of their own. They will not have to follow specific timings or strict schedules, they will work as they will and take rest or a vacation, as they want but irony it does not happen. Doing business is rather more demanding and tough specially in starting you have to work day and night without thinking of rest because making your room in already built field is not so easy. It needs hard work and dedication and takes time to get recognition.

NO.2 You Will Be Rich Within Short Period

Another common wishful thinking about business is, you can get rich easily. People normally think of starting business on Monday and getting profit on Wednesday, however it not the case. Making money is not as easy as you think. You gain something after long time effort and hard work. Successful businesspersons say that you actually stat earning profit after 5 years of blood shedding hard work.  The only means of getting rich within months is making wrong or illegal move that is definitely not recommended.

NO.3 You Will Not Have To Bear Any One’s Mood

It is foolish but true that generally, youngsters want to start their business just because of avoiding work under boss or supervisors. During the job If they are scolded by anyone they take it high on their egos, feel insulted and start planning of their own business where they are the boss and they will scold rather being scolded. Isn’t it Childish? Because in the whole corporate world no one is free of accountability. Probably you are not bearing your boss’ mood but you are having trouble with your clients? Or vendors? Or partner?

No.4 You” Only” Need Finance To Set Up A Business

It is true that you need finance for business but trust me it is not the only qualification you need to setup your business. You also need relevant education, background, interest, skills, knowledge, expert team and passion to start and run successful business. If you have, all of the things you can successfully run your business with even in short budget.
If you do not have above wishful thinking then congratulation! You are going to be successful businessperson. One suggestion from my side to consider Build A Blooming Business for earning more profit.

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