Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Women! Stop! Being Discriminated or harassed at workplace By Your Own! Build An Aura Of Respect For You

It is the biggest truth on the earth that every single working woman faces gender discrimination and harassment at least once during her working hours. It is the hard reality despite of all laws and rules against gender biases or harassment. Therefore, in male dominating world we need some guidelines to protect ourselves. Women are compel to built respect for themselves by their own. Being a woman I felt my obligation to setup some guidelines for my precious female readers, so that they can build aura of respect around them by their own So, without any further delay we start building this aura of respect by just taking some steps


Always dress gracefully and try to cover your self as much as possible. Avoid wearing unnecessary makeup, jewellery or any other accessories; after all, you are at workplace not in a party.


Yeah it is really a big deal, with your male colleague never discuss your personal life, domestic worries and other stuff s which comes under the category of PERSONAL because your given information can be manipulated and portrayed as, you are very "near" to someone or have some special relationship with HIM, which you surely don't want to be portrayed.


Present your personality in a way that nobody would dare to talk to you other than your job or your profession. Adopt business like profession tone neither too hard nor too soft. Hard tone would you present like a challenge, which makes everyone thrilled to face and soft would presents you as vulnerable or fragile which may seem easy to destruct.


Always hold your confidence. Never let anybody to think that you can not do any particular task or assignment because you are a woman. Always remember that you are as competent as any male candidate can be.


If you are getting negative comments at your work or even at yourself, try to avoid them and never reply because reply by words would only make situation worst for you. You can reply through your performance or by bringing your concerns in notice of your HR or management.

Hope all of you like my point of views. If you like to add something, you are more than welcome. Males please do not take any thing personal.

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