Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Is Your Job Plan Armed With All Essential Elements?

Sometimes we start some job with hearty joy and excitement and think about it as our Dream Job  but after sometime what happens? Our dream job start losing interest and it seems burden to us and we wonder what caused it?

Let us move to another fact, which will help us to figure out the cause of losing interest in our dream job. Another fact is 70% of career pursuing people do not have any job plans or if they do so then it only revolves around the monetary incentives. The whole point of accepting any job for them is compensation but when they get job with this single element plan, sometimes they start losing their interest and wonder why they are no more motivated to their job? If you ever experienced similar situation then unfortunately you are also short sighted like those people who think accepting a job has only one scale that is awesome salary and job benefits. This post is written for clarifying this common misunderstanding and showing you the other important job plan elements, which one should consider when he is offered a job.

Friday, April 12, 2013

How To Improve Your Communication Skills- In The Way OF Career Success

Previously we talked about importance of contact building in career management and I promised you to lighten it other aspects as well. If you did not read that article, you can read it here.
Actually, you cannot build and use your contacts without having good communication skills. We do all have communication skills because we have to communicate daily whether we want it or not, communication is an inescapable process, so we just need to polish it. Polishing your communication skills is just a game of nerve and confidence and today we are going learn playing this game.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4 Wishful Thinking About Starting A Business

I met many people who demand with themselves to Give Damn to their jobs, start their own business and be a entreprenuer. They believe that doing a business is a piece of cake and after eating one piece, without any effort, they would have thousand pieces Morer . I am writing this post for all those people who perceive doing business as easy as playing Ludo. Normally people have following wishful thinking about doing business.

Friday, April 5, 2013

3 powerful Importance Of Contact Building In Career Management

When I was conducting research in “ISSUES & CHALLENGES DURING CAREER DEVELOPMENT”, I met many people for gathering data, these people are from different careers, ages, gender and designations but one thing I found common in about 67% of my samples are, they are unaware of importance of contact building in career management.  Especially in Pakistan, generally people do not perceive contact building as career boosting tool even employees who have large number of contacts do not use it as powerful career tool, just because of their lack of awareness.  This situation gave me thought to write some importance of contact building for my readers

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Women! Stop! Being Discriminated or harassed at workplace By Your Own! Build An Aura Of Respect For You

It is the biggest truth on the earth that every single working woman faces gender discrimination and harassment at least once during her working hours. It is the hard reality despite of all laws and rules against gender biases or harassment. Therefore, in male dominating world we need some guidelines to protect ourselves. Women are compel to built respect for themselves by their own. Being a woman I felt my obligation to setup some guidelines for my precious female readers, so that they can build aura of respect around them by their own So, without any further delay we start building this aura of respect by just taking some steps

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