Thursday, February 21, 2013

Career Development A Challenge

Have you ever try to ride a horse? It seems difficult but once you grab the technique, you become the master of horse. Your career is like horse riding, you need to learn tips and techniques to make your horse run in the way of your career success but you must aware of the fact that speed of horse changes according to ups and downs of way, so the career is.
Couples of year back career rein were supposed to be in the hands of your boss but now a day career aspects are changed. Competitive corporate world demands you to take your own steps but some of us can not figure out these steps.
In fact most of the time meaning of career development is misunderstood. In common we think increase in salary or getting promotion is a sign of developed career; this concept might be true but only to some extent. The truth is; developed career implies with: learning and implementing new skills, motivation, sense of accomplishment and enjoyment through work. You get promotion or increment but still you do not have any thrill or you are de motivated, work is a name of burden for you then unfortunately it doesn’t fall in the category of career development.

Here we think how can you put step on this way? You must be surprised because it is as simple as you climb stairs. You only need to know where to put foot for another step. This stairs of your career have following steps:
  • Start investigation.
  • Search the axe.
  • Cut the root.
  •  Enjoy the pleasure.

Sometimes in your career life you start feel discomfort or de motivated or stagnant. Whenever one or all of these emotions arise you should start investigate about reasons behind it. Your investigation comes up with various answers; some of may be: no-promotion, low salary, boredom, lack in skills, and poor work life balance etc.
The reason is caught so, you can move to 2nd step of stairs. This step demands you to search right axe to cut root of problem. Yours can be found in form of: job quitting, transfer, training, change of profession, vacations etc. You can also ask your parents, life partner, children, friends or career counselor to help you in this task.
Now what are you waiting for? Grab the axe, cut the root and enjoy the pleasure of successful, satisfied career.
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