Friday, March 1, 2013

3 Keys To Organize Your Personal Office

Mr. Ahmad was sitting in his office with head in hands. His office was portraying like a battle field and the reason of whole mess was just a file. The whole story was, his boss asked for a file in a morning and till lunch he couldn’t find it. Now he is wondering what excuse he would make to boss
.Is the situation sounding like yours? Your answer is yes? Don’t worry you are going to get rid of this situation on coming weekend. The only condition is DETERMINATION & READING THIS POST.
Actually organizing your personal office is not a difficult task. You just need to understand some keys and next time you would not be compel to sit your head in hands.

Didn’t get the point? Do not worry let me clear. Assign your office equipments and accessories a particular place and after every use always put them back to exact same assigned place. Make it habit, so next time you wouldn’t turn your office upside down. This is a thing what we call "fit square in a square"
This habit will work like a search engine. Whenever you want some thing from the bundle of your office equipments, you know where and how to find.

Yes proper order is must. Organize all of your data whether it is in form hard copy or soft copy, office file or computer file or even it is a pile of discarded items, arrange them in ascending or descending or chronological order and next time find it in a quicker and easier manner. 

Start with labeling or tagging each and every cupboard, drawer and cabinet of your personal office and end up with getting your required thing or data in a glance.

These are three keys of organizing your office. Grab them, open the door of your organized office, sit and start completing your daily office tasks without any catastrophe 
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