Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Must Haves For Successful Job Interview

You just have your degree and planning to put step in a field. You heard about your dream job, for starting your career with this dream job you would definitely send job application but have you ever think what you would do when you get interview call? Do you have any guiding line for a successful and impressive interview? Your dream job is directly depending on your performance during your interview. You have to present yourself as a “100% RIGHT CHOICE” just in couples of second. These are the points which might sounding difficult to you but do not worry we have a solution of your problem. Just try this and implement the following the given must haves for the successful job interview and your problem would be solved automatically.

Before going to interview, you must research about company, its missions and visions, products, Job position (for which you are called), offices etc. The more you know about company the more you have chance of success. I must recommend you to learn some facts and figures if possible.

You must practice expected questions like “tell me about your self” or  “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” or  “what are your skills?”

Always take your original and photocopied documents like your degree, certificates, experience letter etc.  Letter of recommendation is also a god choice to be carried at interview .
Your interview starts with you entering in a room, So following gestures and postures are advisable

Enter with firm steps.
Show your confidence.
Hold eye contact.
Shake Hand with enthusiastic grip.
Sit like a professional.
Try not to stammer.

Always dress like a professional. Remember that your poor attire can ruin your whole image. Be sure that your dress is ironed, shoes are polished, Your dress is comfortable and best fitted. You didn’t over do and dressed according to your age and weather. The whole idea is that during interview you would not have to worry about your dress otherwise it will distract you and you wouldn’t concentrate on showing your self as a right candidate

Always be on time. If you have any concerns about way, take a test drive. In order to get on time You must know the exact place and the route of your interview place.

Never talk about salary and other benefits unless asked otherwise it might portray you as a greedy person.

Last but not the least  be relaxed and calm. Have your confident you are going to handle every difficult situation and  Nothing is difficult for you.

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