Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How To Answer 16 Toughest Interview Questions.

For most of the folks, interview is the most difficult step at the career ladder because it brings not only excitement but also makes us nervous. Most of people get butterflies in stomach whenever they think about the interview, interviewer and all the possible questions which can be asked during the interview. Actually delivering a good interview is not as difficult as it seems. If you understand the interview process, you know the "MUST HAVES FOR INTERVIEW" and you are prepared for all the possible interview questions then no body can stop you to have best interview. we already have discussed about interviews must haves and interview process, today we are going to the most vital part of interview session that is questions and answers part.
Generally you are asked some simple questions at the starting like your name, nationality, interests and gradually recruiters come to more difficult and tricky questions. I have concluded 16 most tricky questions, which are asked frequently in the question and I will teach you how to answer those 16 questions in 16 different posts. So, stay connected with us and make every interview a success.

The first question of this series is:
What was the toughest decision you ever have made?
Let us learn to answer it.

No.1 Think An Example

First of all think about any decision which you had to made and that was too difficult to you. Here, by difficult does not mean that you COULD NOT make the decision but it may be difficult due to lots of options or lots of courage may need to decide etc.

No.2 Explain Why It Was difficult.

You must have strong points to explain interviewers why the particular decision was so tough. What was the thoughts you had at that time. What positive and negative approach you had.

No.3 What was Your Decision

Its time to tell recruiter that what decision you finally took and how did you implement it. Was your colleagues and boss were satisfy with the option you choose as a decision or they were in opposition? What have you did? If they were in opposition. Have you still held your decision firmly or not?

No.4 What Were The Consequences

Now its time to impress your recruiters. Tell them the consequences of your decision with strong and firm attitude so that interviewer know that you are proud of your decision making skills.

I hope you have learnt the answer of one difficult interview question. Next time we will learn how to answer 
Till then Take care of yourselves and have a happy career.

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