Monday, December 23, 2013

How To Answer Interview Questions - If We Hire You, What Changes Will You Make?

Today I am very excited to discuss the 4th question of interview  series because it is the question which let candidate to play with interviewer but unfortunately candidates do not know how to play with interviewer because this interview question seems too difficult and tricky and candidate loses his/her attention and gets blank when it is asked That is why I have come up with the easiest way to handle this question but before discussing anything about it, have a look to those three questions, which we have already learnt to handle.
  1. What Was The Toughest Decision You Ever Have Made?
  2. Why Do You Want To Work With Us?
  3. Why Should We Hire You?

Our next interview question is:

If We Hire You, What Changes Will You Make?

You must be surprised by knowing, this question lets candidate to play with interviewer and you may be thinking that I have gone insane but believe me, I am too damn serious and sane. Let me show you, how can you play with interviewer by answering this question, in three simple steps

Step No.1: Grab The Meaning Of "Change" Here

Here the meaning of change is, "to replace something old to something new" and to bring change you should know the old thing which you are supposed to change.
Start answering with phrase, "Sir/Madam, I cannot tell you about the positive changes which I will bring unless I do not have some information and knowledge about your company. Afterwards start asking small but relevant questions about the company and the department like what they work? how they work? what are the responsibilities of each designation of the relevant department(s). If you are inexperience and do not have any idea about work and work procedures then ask simple question, "Sir/Madam, What do you want to change? What troubles you most?" Tell me I will come up with the solution.

Step No.2: Draw A Sketch In Your Mind

Its time for interviewer to reply you. When he start answering, use your mind and draw the sketch of any positive change that you can bring. Use the weapon of knowledge or experience or both.

Step No.3: Do Not Worry About Right Or Wrong

Explain, the sketch you have drawn in your mind, to the interviewer without any fear of right or wrong. Support your argument with valid and strong rationales.
Recruiters only want to judge three skill 

  1. Decision Making Skill
  2. Need Analysis Skill
  3. Problem Identification Skill
Recruiters know that you cannot analyse the complete situation in short span of time. They asses that how much you understood the problem, How was your analysis to judge the need of situation and what decision have you taken. How strong your decision was?

Now you have understood my words about playing with interviewer. It is a play that this question does not have any specific RIGHT answer. All depend on your convincing skills.

What did you like? What did not? Tell me through comment box.

The next question of this series will be:

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