Friday, August 23, 2013

5 Signs which Show Your Employee Is Not Motivated For Job

Your employee motivation towards job is no less than asset for you. You should always try to keep your employees motivated for the job because employee motivation is an integral part of effective workforce. Motivated employees are always eager to explore and experiment new ways of doing their job which ultimately brings prosperity and growth for a business.

Now you are wondering how can you peer in someone's brain and heart to measure his motivation level. Actually, emotions and feelings are not measured. They are rather guessed through attitude, behavior and body language. For your ease we are collecting some signs which definitely indicate demotivating employee.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

5 Situations That Forbid You To Accept Counter Offer

Sometimes searching new job is  rather easy then deciding between new and old job. It happens when you come to your boss with resignation and tell him that you have got the new one but your boss asks you to stay and offers you better compensation and benefits.

Now, you are wondering whether it is good to accept counter offer or not. Actually analyzing counter offer is not too difficult. You just get to know some points according to your career planning because all your job concerns depends on your career planning. There are some situations in which, accepting counter offer is not advisable.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Create Your Resume With Pride

You always want  to highlight your strengths in resume and  completely remove all the weaknesses from it because you know that a powerful resume opens a door of successful career but sometimes it is not that easy and your resume speaks out loud your weak points. This situation is worrisome for many people or should I say it WAS worrisome for many people because after reading this post you will be able to hide all your negative points within your resume.

It is not possible to cover all career weaknesses in one post. So, we are discussing some common weaknesses here, If you have some other weaknesses then you can ask it solution at comment section.
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