Wednesday, August 21, 2013

5 Situations That Forbid You To Accept Counter Offer

Sometimes searching new job is  rather easy then deciding between new and old job. It happens when you come to your boss with resignation and tell him that you have got the new one but your boss asks you to stay and offers you better compensation and benefits.

Now, you are wondering whether it is good to accept counter offer or not. Actually analyzing counter offer is not too difficult. You just get to know some points according to your career planning because all your job concerns depends on your career planning. There are some situations in which, accepting counter offer is not advisable.

When You Want Career Change

If you are not satisfied with your career path and you have been searching for a job just for a career change then counter offer is completely useless for you and you even do not consider it for once because it will be great damage for your motivation and self satisfaction.

When You Want Better Working Conditions

Sure, the boss is offering you more but believe me he cannot change his office working environment for you and if you think that current working environment is unbearable  for you then counter offer is surely won't do any good for you.

When The Element Of Trust Is Vanished

Sometimes boss wants you to stay because he does not have any other choice and cannot fill your position immediately but as soon as he finds your alternate, he will definitely fire you by himself because he came to knew that you CAN leave at anytime.  You will be trusted no more.

When You Want Exposure OF Bigger Organization

I strongly advise you not to accept counter offer when you are getting job in relatively big organization. Not even, you are being offered lesser compensation because the exposure of bigger organization will polish your skills, strength and knowledge and will help you to move forward at your career path in a effective manner.

When You are Asked to Stay On Future Hope.

Last but not the least. If your boss asks you to stay on FUTURE promises like future pay raise or future promotion or transfer then remember one thing “TOMORROW NEVER COMES” and say good bye to your boss.

If you know more situation when counter offers are just a career suicide then do tell us in our comment box. We are eager to know your thoughts.
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