Friday, August 23, 2013

5 Signs which Show Your Employee Is Not Motivated For Job

Your employee motivation towards job is no less than asset for you. You should always try to keep your employees motivated for the job because employee motivation is an integral part of effective workforce. Motivated employees are always eager to explore and experiment new ways of doing their job which ultimately brings prosperity and growth for a business.

Now you are wondering how can you peer in someone's brain and heart to measure his motivation level. Actually, emotions and feelings are not measured. They are rather guessed through attitude, behavior and body language. For your ease we are collecting some signs which definitely indicate demotivating employee.

Less Or No Punctuality

If any of your employee keeps coming late, asking for half day off or takes leaves on any other day then it clearly shows your employee lacks motivation for his job and there is nothing for him in his work which attracts him to work.

Always Threatening To Resign

If employee is not motivated to work, he will not care for his job and always seek the chance of get rid of it. So, threatening with resignation never be a  problem for him.  

Delays Work

If your employee does not take interest in his work, he always delays it and shows no care for completing the task that means the job is burden for him and he has no motivation to work

Illogical Complaining

Too much or illogical complains are also the sign of No motivation to work. How? Simple! if you enjoy your work, you immerse in it and you find no time for complaining on the other hand a person, who does not want to work. have too much time to consider petty issues.

Frequently Involves In Conflicts

Employee who has no motivation for job is always irritable at work which let him involve in workplace conflicts easily.

If you think that there can be more signs of that shows an employee is not motivated for job then you can share it through commenting below. We would love to hear your views.
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