Saturday, August 17, 2013

Create Your Resume With Pride

You always want  to highlight your strengths in resume and  completely remove all the weaknesses from it because you know that a powerful resume opens a door of successful career but sometimes it is not that easy and your resume speaks out loud your weak points. This situation is worrisome for many people or should I say it WAS worrisome for many people because after reading this post you will be able to hide all your negative points within your resume.

It is not possible to cover all career weaknesses in one post. So, we are discussing some common weaknesses here, If you have some other weaknesses then you can ask it solution at comment section.

Frequent Job Changes

No employer wants to waste his resources on interviewing a person who seems to less persistent and may quit the job within a short span of time that is why frequent job change is a big black spot in your resume which can easily be lightened in gray or even in white when you put, all temporary or contract based job, under one heading.

Experience Gaps

No one has life without ups and downs. Ups are ok but sometimes downs restricts you to carry on your career and you have to take break. These breaks mark your resume as experience gap and alerts your potential employer in a negative way so never forget to write honest but general reason of your experience gap. For eg. Due to accident I had to quit my job and stayed home to heal.


Experience is something which you gained after years of effort. So what to do when you are applying for your first job? The solution is simple. Just highlight your volunteer work and internships in your resume by placing them in prominent slot at paper. Believe me it will serve you as experience.

Over Qualification

If you think over qualification as a positive point then I am very sorry to say you are completely wrong. Over qualification is as much negative as an under qualification can be. Every employer wants to hire the person who is BEST for EXISTING post at HIS office but sooner or later an over qualified person can seek and find BEST post for HIM in ANOTHER office and all the resources which were used for over qualified person, will waste. This reason  stops employer to hire over qualified person.
If you think  you are going to be over qualified for any job then your resume should present as much as employer asked  and cut down any experience or education that is exceeding from employer demand.

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