Saturday, June 15, 2013

Resume - A Key To Door Of Successful Career

I hope you now have clear understanding about recruiting techniques. As we promised, today we are going to discuss about resumes. This is the second post of our "Make Your Job Search Easier & Quicker" and after reading this post you can better stand resumes

What Is Resume?

A resume is your advertisement. Confused? Well don't be. Let me explain it. When you have achieved some specific degree or earned some qualification, you have become a brand and this brand is sold through a advertisement called resume. Actually, you sell yourself through your resume and convince potential employer that you are the BEST brand they have ever had. You actually persuade them to try YOU for their business success.

Does Resumes have different types?

Yes, of course. Resumes have three types i.e.
  • Chronological Resume
  • Functional Resume
  • Combination Resume

Chronological Resume

Chronological resume greatly emphasizes on your work experiences and accomplishment. You put your experiences at the most prominent place, mostly just after your name and address. Chronological resume asks you to put your experiences in reverse order i.e. the most recent one should be placed first. Chronological approach is very common approach and most of managers are familiar with it. It has three key advantages:
  • Recruiters completely understand it and they know where they can find necessary information

  • It tells, at once about your career growth and stability.

  • It easily let recruiter know about your productivity

Functional Resume

We always prominent our key skills and accomplishments in functional resume and placed them in at eye-catching slot.
The advantages of functional resumes are

  • Recruiters can easily search what you can do for them without scanning the long list of your previous experiences

  • You can avoid your employment gaps.

  • You can easily De-emphasize your negative career experiences.

Combination Resume.

You can also use the combination tool of chronological and functional resume but it is not very much advisable because it makes your resume lengthy and you may have repetition in it. It however can be used if you do not sure about your future plan whether you want to move on same path or you opt to career change.

Which Resume Is Best For You?

If you have vast experience in your field and you want to move ahead in same field then you must prepare your resume chronologically
Functional resumes are advisable for fresh graduates and people who want to opt their current career and want to move in different career
Sometimes we are not sure about our future plans and we have no idea whether we will pursue career in same field or we will change the career path. In this case combination resume is recommended 

I hope you now you have better understanding of resumes but that does not end here. We have more for your better job search. So keep visiting and wait for

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