Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Resume - How To Find Right Key and open the door of career success

We all get naturally worried when we come to know that our career success is greatly depend on our resumes and this fact make us desperate to find right key for us. Today’s post let us help for searching this right key but getting this help I must recommend you to read previous posts of this "Make Your Job Search Easier and Quicker" series. We have already 2 published articles on this series

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  1. Resume – A Key Of Door To Successful Career
we can easily find our right key by knowing three facts.

Fact No.1 You Must Know Your Future Career Plans

For grabbing the key of any door, you must know about the way behind the door. Similarly, you cannot prepare your resume without knowing your plan. As we have discussed, resumes have three formats and each format is used according to our plans. Decide your plans whether you want to move in same career or you want career change or you are flexible for both. Take your decision and choose correct resume format. You have decided your next career move but you are still in dilemma about your resume format then you can take the help from RESUME BUILDER. Resume builder offers a wide range of resume services and best thing is, most of their valuable services are free. All you need to fill their sign up form to get registered. Once you get registered, you can immediately start using their great resume services without any charges. 

Fact No.2 You Need To Deliver 7 Skills In Your Resume.

After several researches, it is concluded that nearly all recruiters, headhunters and hiring managers are looking for 7 habits in their employees that is why for writing successful resume, you need to convince potential employer that:

  1. You have good Communication Skills.
  2. You are result oriented.
  3. You are a good time manager.
  4. You accomplish task effectively and efficiently.
  5. You are flexible to change.
  6. You maintain work standards.
  7. You meet with their requirements.

    Fact No.3 You Need professional Resume writer.

    Some of you may not agree with me that a professional resume writer can do wonder for you, for all those I have some questions.

    Q#1. Where do you go when you have fever or any other disease?
    Ans. Your answer must be “To a doctor”

    Q#2. Who cut your hair?
    Ans. Your answer must be “A hairdresser or hair stylist”

    Q#3. How do you get your car repaired?
    Ans. Your answer must be “A mechanic”

    Why do you go to a doctor? Or a hair dresser? Or a mechanic? Because you know that, they are professionals and expert of their work. They better understand your need and fulfill it accordingly, likewise a resume writer is a professional and can better understand your need.

    The second reason of hiring a professional resume writer is, we all have some negative points in our resume like frequent job changes, Gaps in work history, little or no experience, Over qualification, Long term employment with one company, Job termination, Criminal record, etc.

    A professional resume writer is trained to present these weaknesses in De-emphasized manner. Another research showed that you get only 3 out of 10 interview calls for job with a resume written by you but a resume written by professional can bring 6 to 7 interview calls for you. So, next time whenever you want an attractive, professional and eye-catching resume, do hire a professional resume writer.

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