Friday, May 17, 2013

Do You have The Line Of Action For Getting Internship?

We have reached in middle of May and this is the best time for applying internship. Some students perceive that getting internship is a tough job and only the lucky ones are succeed to have it but this perception is totally wrong. You just need a proper line of action and at the end you will have it. This proper plan an line of action has some assumed steps. Today we are going to learn these steps.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

You Have 4 wrong Thoughts About Internship

Do you think that your career management starts with your job? No, you are completely wrong. It rather starts with choosing your subject for studies and then continues throughout your student and job life. During student life, your career management can be hidden in organizing and attending workshops/seminars, participating in co-curricular activities, volunteering and doing internships because all these activities help you out for building contacts list, improve your communication skills and build up professionalism in you.

When students are engaged in learning theoretical aspects of their degree, they are also supposed to do internship for learning practical aspects. Actually practical world is far different from theory world that is why universities make it compulsory for getting degree but unfortunately, some common misunderstandings have been developed about it, which we are listing here:

Thursday, May 2, 2013

6 Amazing Traits Of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur is the person who, after analyzing risk and marketing conditions, initiate or re-initiate a business by combining all 3 types of resources that is human resources, physical resources and financial resources.

By this narrow definition one can easily think that be an entrepreneur is such a simple and easy task but it is not the case in real, on the contrary, choosing your goal as a successful entrepreneur is rather a challenging task. If you do not have any wishful thinking about startinga business and you have the set of some specific traits then nobody can stop you to become a successful entrepreneur  So, without any further delay let us start sorting out those essential traits of successful businessman or entrepreneur.

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