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How To Improve Your Communication Skills- In The Way OF Career Success

Previously we talked about importance of contact building in career management and I promised you to lighten it other aspects as well. If you did not read that article, you can read it here.
Actually, you cannot build and use your contacts without having good communication skills. We do all have communication skills because we have to communicate daily whether we want it or not, communication is an inescapable process, so we just need to polish it. Polishing your communication skills is just a game of nerve and confidence and today we are going learn playing this game.

Improve Your Listening Skills.

Yeah right! Good communication always occurs between good listeners. You must have patience to listen others. Good communication doesn’t mean TALK, it rather a appropriate mixture of TALK and Listen. The best way of developing mutual communication is to listening with talking at right moment and right place with right words and right tones because only listening is also not advisable. A good communication is that, which has mix of good ratio of TALKING and LISTENING. One more thing I would like to add is, please do not try to listen several communication at a same time

Improve Your Vocabulary.

When you verbally communicate with someone, you need words. Choosing words according to situation is the most important need of effective communication. So, try to improve your vocabulary as much as you can

Watch Out Your Body Language.

You know communication is not only takes place only verbally. It also comes in existence non-verbally through our gestures, postures and body language. If you want better and effective communication, you must have hawk’s eye on your own body language and try to adopt it as, as you intended.

Use Right Channel Of Communication.

Channel of communication means the tool you use for communicating. Channel of communication includes:

  • Face-to-face talk
  • Phone call
  • Text messaging
  • Email
  • Letters
  • Memo and so on
For communicating, we must consider our all options about channels of communication and then give try to the best one according to need and situation.

Get To Know Your Targets.

You must have clear picture of your target that you want to achieve through communicating by someone. Knowing your target makes your communication stronger, pleasant and result oriented. You must clearly know that who do you going to communicate what are his preferences and what outcome do you want to achieve, after communication process ends.


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