Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Is Your Job Plan Armed With All Essential Elements?

Sometimes we start some job with hearty joy and excitement and think about it as our Dream Job  but after sometime what happens? Our dream job start losing interest and it seems burden to us and we wonder what caused it?

Let us move to another fact, which will help us to figure out the cause of losing interest in our dream job. Another fact is 70% of career pursuing people do not have any job plans or if they do so then it only revolves around the monetary incentives. The whole point of accepting any job for them is compensation but when they get job with this single element plan, sometimes they start losing their interest and wonder why they are no more motivated to their job? If you ever experienced similar situation then unfortunately you are also short sighted like those people who think accepting a job has only one scale that is awesome salary and job benefits. This post is written for clarifying this common misunderstanding and showing you the other important job plan elements, which one should consider when he is offered a job.

Element No.1 Job Security

According to University of Bradford School Of Management Blog, job security as an element of job satisfaction has dramatically increased because rate unemployment is getting higher day by day and people do not want to be laid off. They have fear that if they lose job then they will not get it another one easily. So when you plan your job or career you must have an eye on it and whenever you are offered a job you must do a little research about company HR guidelines and its policies about employees retention. You must collect the information of company’s reputation about its HR assets. This information would give you actual insight and if you feel that company has great values for its precious human resource then you can consider to join them.

Element No.2 Working Conditions

Sure the company is paying you high but did you consider their working conditions? Do they have the conditions, which are easy to follow? Have you tried to look in future that those working condition would not affect your personal life or make you company slave? Did you wisely assess that their terms and conditions would not be burden to you? If you have measured all pros and cons of accepting company’s terms and condition then again you can accept the job offer.

Element No.3 Transportation Facilities

Believe me it is the most crucial element for accepting any job especially if you are living in metropolitan cities like Karachi because for you have to come at job on time and in rush hours of morning, you need fast, reliable and specially cheap transportation. You won’t want to append 30% of your salary in transportation. So, choose your job destination wisely in the sense of transportation

Element No.4 Working Environment

If you are woman then this element must be your first priority in your job plan. You spend 40% of your daytime at your work and still if you don't consider the element of environment then even the word" "foolish" is smaller for you because as a women you always want safe and secure environment without any harassment or discrimination. This doesn’t mean that environment has
no importance for male. A male cannot also work in environment where favoritism or nepotism prevails.
These are the 4 elements which everyone should include in their job plans either he want career change or planning to start career. If you think that there can be more elements then you are highly welcome to indicate in comment section below.

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