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Understand Recruitment Techniques - Make Your Job Search Strategy Easier

Searching a new job is not an easy task. Sometimes you have to wait for months to get one but you can make it easier and quicker by following some logical steps. These steps cannot be covered in one post so, we are giving separate titles to each step and will present it in a series. The first article of this series is all about the recruitment techniques, which are followed by different companies. We are splitting up these techniques as techniques, which are commonly followed by large organizations, and the techniques followed by the small organizations. Let’s start increasing our knowledge about recruitment procedures so later on we can put it in our job search strategy.

Number Of Applicants

Large organizations recruit for multiple posts at a time and they have annually planned period for inductions. Usually they get more application during year that is why every applicant has to face strong competition. They have well defined set of rules for recruitment process and a strict criterion to hire someone whereas small organizations do not have planned induction period. Their recruitment depends on business ups and downs. Competition level is relatively low because of less application and they do not have any strict rules of hiring. They tend to bit open minded and flexible to hire someone

Recruitment In Charge

Large organizations have well developed and competitive Human Resource Department. Initially this department is responsible for recruitment process afterwards they transfer it to line managers for further considerations. Small organizations do have Human Resource Departments but they are practically inactive, related departments and line managers take most of interviews

Interviewing Style

Large organizations maintain their standards of interview. They have well financed and well defined procedures of judging candidates. They follow series of interviews and the first one is generally taken in college campus. Small organizations do not maintain any fixed standards. Sometimes they hire after a first interview or sometimes they delay hiring for months.

Advertisement Style

Large organizations directly hire from campus or use hiring agencies, local newspapers or company website for induction while small organizations mainly depend on advertisement in local newspapers.  They do not have large budget for advertisement that is why even in local newspaper they do not get to publish prominently.

Use Of Employment Agencies

For their executives posts large organization generally induct 60% from hiring agencies and 40% from executive search firms but they induct fresh graduate directly from college campus without any middleman  Small organizations tend to rely on newspapers for their executives and visit fewer schools for fresh graduates.

Unsolicited Resume

Large organizations receive hundreds of unsolicited resumes (resume that is sent without permission) but these resumes do not get noticed. They prefer their own planned channel of recruitment while small organizations receive lesser-unsolicited resume but these resumes they get noticed. They maintain their database with all Resumes they have received and  whenever they have vacancy, they offer an interview to competent candidates 

Best Way To Approach

For large organization, look for their advertisement, Get registered in hiring agencies and frequently visit their websites. If you are fresh graduate then try campus recruitment office. If they are conducting interview on invitation only then send your resume and ask to include it. For small organization look for newspaper advertising,  send an unsolicited resume. In case of fresh graduate try to campus recruitment office.
You have understood about recruitment procedures. Now, wait for next post about 

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