Wednesday, July 31, 2013

4 Career Problems With One Solution

Actually career problems have three types
  1. You know both the problem and its solution.
  2. You know the problem but do not have solution
  3. You have stuck at your career path and do not even know the problem.

If you  both know the problem and its situation then congratulations! one day you will get rid of problem but in case of last two situation, you always need help to solve problem and today we are going to find ONE SOLUTION for 4 different career problems. let us start with problems and end with solution.

Searching A Job As Fresher

You just have earned your degree. Now, with passion in heart, enthusiasm in body and awesome marks at your marksheet, you are looking for a job. You have been getting an interview call but you are failed to put your hand on job. You must be wondering that what lacks in you to put step in door? I think I know what lacks in you. Do you want to get an answer? yes? Then please read the whole post till end.  Your "SOLUTION" is presented at end.

Searching for New Job

You have good experience in your field and have a professionally written resume. You have been searching for new job  but couldn't find  one then probably you are lacking some thing which cause hurdle to you. What is THAT thing? Wait! we will discuss it at end

Looking For Promotion

You have high spirit with your job. You are satisfied with your performance and it seems that also your boss has good remarks for your performance appraisal. You got pay raised but not a promotion? Why? What caused you stick to the same post? Wait again till end for getting an answer.

Searching Job After Retirement

You have been outstanding at you career. You retired with awesome competencies. Now, after the break of 2 or 3 years, you want to job again in private sector or on contract but unfortunately even with all high competencies you are facing difficulty to get job? Why is it happening with you? after all you had been the BEST in your field? Take a deep breath and wait for the answer. You will  find the simple solution at the end.


The solution of all above problem is TRAINING. How? Simple! Let us address each problem one by one.

Solution for a Fresher

Passion, enthusiasm and good marks are good base for getting job but if you have zero knowledge about practical field ten getting job is relatively harder. There is always a gap between theory and practical but one can easily bridge this gap through training. You can get this training in form of internship, apprenticeship or  paid training programs that generally, initiated by organization like MTO (manager trainee officer) or Trainee engineer or doing house job as doctor.

Solution For Job Searcher

Sure, you have vast experience and you had been outstanding at your career but the time has changed. You have to polish up your skills with modern technology and up dated procedures of work . Research the market, get to know what ingredient you are missing and get the TRAINING of it.

Solution For Getting Promotion

You are not getting promotion besides of your outstanding performance at work? why? Have you any idea? No? Well I have. I think your next potential designation needs some extra qualification like a degree or some sort of computer knowledge or you may need to know some other language. Search the MAIN reason, kill the reason with tool of TRAINING and get promotion

Solution For Retired Person

So you are planning to enter in field again?  Have you got ready all of your career-weapons to compete with youngsters Yes? but Wait! hold down for a minute. You have neglected some thing. Some thing which is more important and modern. Yeah its new technology. You have been working on windows 98 or Windows XP. Its time for windows 7 or windows 8 or some other software has been introduced. You need TRAINING to compete with young ones in technology battle. 

Hope you have found the solution for your career problem. If you think that you have some other career problem or your problem cannot solve through training then you can ask at comment section. We will love to solve your problem. Till then stay tuned for next post.

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