Sunday, July 14, 2013

5 Reasons That Your Boss Is Over Demanding

I think the word "BOSS" is the most negative term we have ever had in our corporate relations but even with this negativity, we all have to deal with a "BOSS" in our career lives.
Bosses have different types and categories like some are high need achievers, some always bullying with their subordinates  some are kind or some are rude. Al the boss' types are worth discussing but today we will talk about the most irritating boss. Yeah the boss who demands you to work and act like an iron man. This type of boss is generally called a OVER DEMANDING BOSS

If you think that your boss demands unrealistically and makes your job harder then you must read this post in order to know that why he is like that? The more you know the childish behavior of your boss, the easily you can handle him.

1.  He May Be Afraid of You

Yeah the biggest reason of an over demanding boss is FEAR. Your boss may have higher degree or more experience but both things are not the guarantee of skills or competencies. Some skills are god gifted which make you more competent than a person who is more qualified than you are.
If a boss perceives that, you have more abilities and he fears that one day you will take over him and this thinking urges him to demands you beyond your can.

What Should You Do In This Situation?

Apple-polishing (buttering) is the most workable tool in almost anywhere but do wonders in this type of situation. Keep praising your boss in order to make his ego high. Use sentences like this:
  • Oh boss you are great
  • Boss no on one could do this better than you are.
  • Boss who Am I? You are the leader.
  • Please guide me boss. You are the best for solving problems.

2.  He May Like Pressurizing Others

Some bosses love to pressurize others. They pressurize just to repeatedly showing the phrase “I-AM-THE-BOSS.” Actually some
 bosses believe that YOU CANNOT BE A BOSS IF YOU DO NOT GIVE PRESSURES” that is why they exert pressure and enjoys themselves as BOSS.

What Should You Do In This Situation?

Carefully analyze the workload and check if this workload worth getting pressure. If you think you have ample time to finish the work, then kindly do not consider boss pressure seriously.

3.  He May Not Like You.

Yeah personal feelings count a lot. Your boss may not like you due to some reasons and these reasons instigate him to demand you overly. Consciously or unconsciously your boss enjoys to see you in trouble.

What Should You Do In This Situation?

Try to figure out and eliminate the reasons for which boss do not like you. Also try to search for new job because some reasons cannot be eliminated.

4.  Your Boss Is Perfectionist.

Being a perfectionist, your boss wants PERFECT MEN and PERFECT WORK, which ultimately leads him to demands you, unrealistically high.

What Should You Do In This Situation?

Try to run with boss as much as possible and if you think that something cannot fit as PERFECT as boss wants then prepare the PERFECT reason for it.

5.  Your Boss Is Insane.

Yeah that’s right! Some bosses are over demanding because they are of age and do no analyze work and its need sanely.

What Should You Do In This Situation?

Nothing! You cannot do anything in this situation. Just pray and search for new job. Either for you or for your boss

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