Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Plan Your Own Job Promotion

Do you know you can easily plan your own promotion? Promotion is an important milestone in a way of your career development and being a CAREER LION, we believe, our career advancement is in our hand.
Moving up to next step on the stairs of your career success is obviously depends on promoting to higher level but it is always a hardest task in your job plan  but to accomplish this task you have to drive your career vehicle efficiently and wisely. Getting promotion is not only about hard work, Punctuality and accomplished projects. You have to be more smart and efficient and have ability to use right tools at right time.

Be Casually Smart

For getting promotion, your boss must be aware of all your hard and efficient work but it is also true, if you ran for boss after each and every achievement or accomplishment,  your boss will definitely get irritate that eventually damage your promotion efforts. So, despite of running every time to boss, just go once in a day and casually highlight all your promotion-winning effort in front of  your boss.

Know The Power Of Tone.

Generally, employees are promoted after hard assessment in difficult project. So, whenever you are assigned a new project or task, do not sound worried or nervous or exhausted . Always show your enthusiasm and eagerness for accepting challenging roles because your capacity for facing the challenge will let your boss know that you are ready to bear new and bigger responsibilities

Do The Homework About Your Upcoming Designation

Be prepare for future and start collecting information about your next designation. You should have information about your next: job description, work procedures, subordinates boss, and the difference between your old and new responsibilities.
Collecting information is your homework, as soon as you complete it, as early as you will move to next post but do remember that doing homework is not everything. You have to show it to your teacher(boss) so he will know  you have completed the theory and ready to experience the practical.
At this point you are wondering how to show your completed homework to your boss? Come on! You have already learnt it. Just read the pint No.1 again and us the tool of CASUALLY SMART.

Start Polishing Your Skills

Higher posts need higher level of skills. Carefully analyze the need of skill level of your next designation and try to reach that level. Use the weapon of training to polish and upgrade your skills.
Do you guys any other ideas for getting job promotion? Please share with us through comment box. We would love to hear you views and ideas.
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