Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Make Your Employee Relation Better - Use Your Organization Internal Network

Building good employee relation is one of the biggest job of HR department of any organization. it is not only the biggest job but also a toughest job on earth because human demands, preferences and priorities vary from person to person and making everyone happy at a time is impossible that is why HR people always struggle to keep balance between employee and employer.
Another hard reality is, HR people mostly fail to keep balance between employee and employer because they are employees themselves and compel to take orders from employer. Sometimes this situation lead to ruining employee relations.

There are various tool which can be used to build up good employee relation and one of them organization internal network. Your organization internal network can help you to strengthen employee relations in various manner. Let us have look on how your internal network can do the magic.


Use your organization internal network system to announce upcoming events, any change in company policies, CEO messages, etc. This routine will make your employee feel important and integral part of organization. They will feel proud that company is keeping them informed about all decisions.

Employee Of The Month

Use your company internal network for choosing and highlighting the employee of the month and little reward like any gift or certificate or extra points in performance appraisal for him. This will make your employee motivated and energetic.

Introduce Download Option

Try to make your employee life easier by adding download option for different material like payslip, valuable data, work or career related articles etc.

Add FAQs

Your employee may want some general information regarding company HR policy , P.F deduction method. availing medical facility or claiming dues. For providing these general information, you should add section of frequently ask questions for your employee. It will make your employee more comfortable and satisfied. You should also provide contact form for asking a question that is not listed in FAQs.

Conduct Surveys

Surveys are the great way to assess and analyze employees needs, expectations and concerns. So, try to conduct different surveys time to time in order to peek in brains of employees. This peeking will help you to better understand your employees wants and once you know the want you can easily satisfied that want.
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