Thursday, October 10, 2013

How To Deal With Abuse Of Internet At Work

Internet is indispensable for any office but sometimes it becomes biggest problem for managers due to its abuse by employees. It is seen many times that employees waste their time on playing games, updating their status on facebook or tweeting their views on twitter which ultimately brings work delay or fall in productivity.
This is really a worrisome situation for all managers that's why we have come with some tips to restrict their employees' internet use at work.

Block All Undesirable Site

The easiest way of restricting your employees' internet use at work, is blocking all undesirable websites and net services on your office internet server so that nobody can access any TIME-WASTING website.

Increase Employee Engagement Activities

Employee engagement activities are the best way for increasing organizational commitment, employees loyalty and  employee motivation but this tool can also be used for restricting internet use at work. How? Simple. If an employee is actively engaged in organization then ultimately he will not prefer wasting his time on internet. He will rather seek way to get recognized at work.

Analysis Of  Workload

If high percentage of your workforce use internet facility for fun then you seriously need a workload analysis because this behavior of your employees are indicating that they have lesser task to do and they easily find ample time for fun and enjoyment within working hours.

If you feel that your employee has no or less workload then you probably think to increase it for the sake of your business productivity.

Strict Punishment

You must punish strictly those employees who abuse office internet and are caught red handed. This will bring example for others and they won't dare misusing office internet next time.

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