Monday, October 28, 2013

Is Your Resume Cluttered With Job Description?

What can be the worst part in any resume? It is presenting long long job descriptions with heading of Experience. Shocked? Do not believe me? But it is fact. About 80% of people write down their job descriptions in their resumes with the heading of experience. Why do people do this? Because they perceive their experience is what they daily do and feel proud to present it.
Actually this perception is totally wrong. You indeed get experience by doing work as per your job description but recruiters are not looking forward for your daily routine at work. Instead they want to know how you do your work and how do you achieve your goals but most of job seekers fail to present this

Now the question is, How should we write or get to write our experience in our resume. Well we have come with some simple and easy solutions for writing our experience in effective manner

Highlight Your Achievements

Hiring managers have fair idea about every job and its responsibilities. So, they are never interested in reading a lengthy resume that is cluttered with your previous job descriptions. Recruiters or hiring managers are rather keen to know what you have achieved in your previous job and how can you be beneficial for them. So, instead of writing boring job description you should write your achievements with each experience so that you can catch recruiters interest.

Forget The Word "RESPONSIBLE" When Writing Resume.

Responsible for doing THIS or Responsible for managing THAT are the most irritating sentences for hiring managers. They do not want to know what you do in your previous job. They rather want to know how efficiently do you accomplish your goals.
That is why I suggest you instead of writing your THIS and THAT responsibility you should emphasize how efficiently you deal your day-to-day work.

You Are Different From Others

Resume is all about proving your self. You always try hard to prove your self that you are unique and different from your competitors but when you copied down your job description at your resume, you show that you are just an ordinary person, who completes his day-to-day work like any one else can do.
Avoid this situation and write something which is more powerful than your ordinary job description.

Insist That You Are Problem Solver

Try to convince your potential employer that you are the person who is result oriented and problem solver. You can easily do this by adding quantitative value in your resume like Get 50 clients for my company in 2009 or developed accounting software for my company which increased efficiency of accounts department by 30% etc.

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