Monday, October 14, 2013

How To Deal With Threatening Boss

It is 8:00 A.M and Jane has to go for work but the thought of going to office making her sick. because of her boss. She has no mental compatibility with her boss and  has worst relations with the him. Her boss keeps threatening to fire her or to charge false allegations. Work environment has become hell to her and she is getting depressed day by day. She has no idea how to come out from the situation and turn situation in her favor.
Well if you are in similar situation then we can help you. Sit back, relax and read step-by-step career solution for this problem.

Step # 1: Analyze The Situation.

Your first rational step must be analyzing the situation. You should seek the answer of following questions:
Why and how does this situation happen?
Who is responsible for the situation? You? Boss? or some other colleague?
What does instigate your boss on threatening you?
You need honest answers for above questions because the solution of your problem is hidden in the answers of above questions.

Step # 2: Assess Your Options.

After getting the answer you should work on collecting your options according to your answers to solve the problem.
If you think that you are solely responsible for the situation because you are not meeting your boss demands then you should try to work harder and meet his demand but if  you honestly think that your boss acts irrationally and he does this because of some personal dis likeness then you should try to change his behavior by your good attitude or you can also consider reporting his behavior in HR or higher authorities.

Step # 3: Weighing Your Options.

List down all available options you have and write advantages and disadvantages in front of  each option.

Step#4: Choose Your Best Option.

Choose the option which has more advantages and lesser disadvantages.

For your convenience some possible options are listed below:

Option: Diamond cuts diamond. Ask the boss of your boss to threat him for stop threatening you.

Impact: It can either make situation better for you or worst for you. The impact will extreme in any case.

Option: Report your boss threats  to HR and ask them to solve the issue.

Impact: If your HR is powerful and higher then your boss then they will separately arrange meeting with both of you and if needed, they will have single meeting with you and your boss together and try to sort out the solution.

Option: You can try to transfer from one department to another.

Impact: If you think that you can be fit in some other department then this is the most appropriate way of getting rid of your boss.

Option: You can quit the job.

Impact: If you are confident that you will get another job easily then quitting job can also be a good option for you.

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