Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Why Should We Hire You - How The Answer This Trickiest Interview Question

We are done with two interview questions:

Now its time to learn handling the most important and trickiest question of interview that is

Why Should We Hire you?

As I said in previous post, each interview question hides the intention of interviewer to better know the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. This question also let recruiter know, how a candidate see himself and how much he is convinced  that he is essential for the company.

This question also gives the opportunity to candidate to convince the recruiters that he is the BEST CHOICE for the job and has QUALIFICATION which they are searching for. In short, this question requires convincing power .

Now the question is, how should we answer this valuable question efficiently? This post will let you learn answering this question but do remember one thing, to answer this question, you have to prepare yourself before going to interview. 

1. Write Down Your Strengths

Before going to interview, write down your strengths at piece of paper. Also indicate that why and how come it be your strength.

2. Again Read The Job Advertisement.

Now thoroughly read the job advertisement again and try to analyse what actually company needs? Which talent it wants to acquire. What is the set of skill it is looking for?

3. Try To Put Square In Square

The recruitment procedure starts only when there is a discrepancy between company's need of talent and the talent it has in hands. So use your brain and think how you can eliminate this discrepancy by using YOUR strengths which you have already written. During the interview you can refer the WANT which is stated in advertisement with the STRENGTH you have in your resume. Getting nervous? Didn't get my point? Let me clear. A company has given a advertisement for Electrical Engineer and ask for the candidate who knows PLC and SAP. Now you have clear idea of your strengths because you have already written it on piece of paper and when you again read the advertisement you came to know that your one strength is matching with company's need and you can easily point it out during the interview. 
One more example, You have written in your strengths that you are a team player and the job advertisement says that the company needs a person who can work on team based projects. You can point out your strength and make your point stronger by giving example from your past experience.

Readers! Any more question? Any argument? The comment box is open for you.
The next interview question of this series will be

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  1. Very good and straightforward advice for anyone looking for a job.Thanks for sharing.


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