Saturday, March 16, 2013

8 Simple Steps To Be Taken In Case Of Fire At Work Place

These two incidents provoke me to write this post. It is old saying that Hope for best but prepare for the worst and for preparing this worst idea of this post came in mind. This post tells you the steps  you should take  in case of fire at your work place. 

1. You must be aware of sound of fire alarms, smoke detectors and emergency exits
2. In case of emergency, When you hear these sounds , Never panicked start figuring out what you can do
3. Try to reach exit doors.
4. In order to reaching exit, try to avoid inhaling smoke because statistics shows that in situation of fire most of people died of smoke rather than fire burn
5. If you find smoke in the way of evacuation, stop, drop and crawl because smoke travels high above the ground
6. If your cloths caught fire, drop and roll down
7. In case of fire, never try to save possessions and valuables. The only valuable thing in this situation is your life.
8. In case of high building, you must know the consequence of jumping.  You must have clear understanding that if you jump what would happen. Will you be safe? Or it would cost your life or serious injury?
These are some basic points in order to stay safe in case of fire. These points cost nothing to learn but earn fortune for staying safe and happy. Please spread words by sharing this post  so that your co-workers, colleagues and fellows have basic knowledge and incidents like Baldia town or statelife building would never happen again.

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