Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How To Develop Productive Work Force

Productive work force is asset for any company. The main responsibility of HR department of any company is to seek, retain, prepare, engage, grow, train and polish effective work force. A work force which can meet challenges and increases the business productivity.

Keeping productive work force is not an easy task because skills sets, needs, demands and grievances of every person varies so making every employee engaged and happy so that he/she will be productive, is not possible but do you know by implementing some small tricks you can enhance your employees productivity up to 30%. Actually, it is true that you cannot make everyone happy at every time but you can make maximum people happy for the longer time, you just need to be smart and intelligent. Let us learn how to develop effective and productive work force by implementing small techniques.

Friendly Environment

Try to establish friendly environment in your company. If your employees have good relation between them then they more likely to stay at your company and spend their working hours happily and pleasantly which ultimately increase their productivity because the work will become interesting for them and if they will face any problem in completing any project, they can discuss it with each other
But Do remember  one thing. Your friendly environment should be in limit because excess of every thing is bad and too much friendly environment without any fear of accountability can be cause of work delay or job ignorance.

Freedom Of Making Decisions

Some designations demands freedom of making decisions and if the designated employee do not get it then its productivity level goes down. No or limited freedom of making decision can also bring dis-satisfaction or de-motivation while freedom of decision in a appropriate manner makes employees feel valuable and honored. It also increases the sense of responsibility.

Grievances Handling

I think grievances handling is the most difficult task for any management because it is human nature that people are more complaining and less thankful that is why every company should have simple but effective grievance hearing setup so that employee can have confidence that there is somebody who listens them and take initiative to solve their problem. It is true that no company can solve or eliminate every grievance but every company can put the setup of listening every grievance. Sometimes half of complain vanishes by itself, if its is heard.

Praise Publicly

If you feel that you have some valuable employee and he/she is really a asset for the company then admit it in front of others. Believe me it will do a miracle. The employee in question will do more hard work and other employees wish to do the same so that they will also be praised in public.

Respect Your Employees

It is true that you are the boss but you are not needless. If your employees need you for earning then you also need your employees for the same purpose so never treat your employees as your are master of them. If any of your employee does mistake then scold him but do not humiliate him. It will not only lower his/her productivity but also creates bad impact for others and you will find lower productivity level not only of one employee but several employees

Forget About Favoritism Or Nepotism

Favoritism and nepotism are the two most poisonous elements for any business. It let your employees think that what ever they do, how much hard work will they do, there will be no result because workers are praised, promoted and got increment due to favoritism and nepotism and due to this thinking you will ultimately loose your skilled workers.

Do you have any techniques to increase productivity level of workers? Yes? Please share it through comment box below. We are Eagerly waiting.  



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