Monday, November 11, 2013

Kill Your Professional Image By Using Linkedin Wrongly

Linkedin is the popular professional network for maintaining and building contact. It facilitates both employee and employer. If you are employer, you can easily search for right candidate through linkedin by screening different profiles and if you are looking for a job then you have various ways to find out one. You can update your status that you are looking for job and you can get updates from different organization. You can follow your favorite organization for getting job updates or you can join groups to seek new job.

No doubt linkedin is a great professional network but do you know? many people are sabotaging their professional image through linkedin and still they have no idea what they are doing and how they are killing their career.
We have compiled a list of dangerous job mistakes, which people normally do without knowing the fact that how they are playing with their careers.

Incomplete Profile

If you are having incomplete profile on linkedin then stop all other works and complete it now. Recruiters mostly think a person who is not capable to complete his/her profile how can he be capable of doing more responsible task at work.

Spelling And Grammatical Mistakes

Like resume, spelling and grammatical mistakes are your career killer. One mistake and you are out of race. Employees have to communicate on daily bases. They have to negotiate, pursue and make deals and if they do not have good writing skills, how can they be a good negotiator, pursuer or a dealer? So, double check your profile for spellings and grammatical mistakes.

Unprofessional Pictures

Your trendy, stylish and party pictures are for facebook. Never use them on linkedin. Linkedin is a professional network and you have to present your self in a professional manner. It impacts really bad when someone updates his/her picture like a model or with poses. A passport-like picture is always recommended for linkedin.

Difference In Information

Always keep your resume and linkedin profile alike. Put same dates on resume and linkedin otherwise it may alert recruiter that something may be wrong or something may be hidden.

Unprofessional Updates

Not every update of your life is for linedin. Having party with friends or going to ride or it is raining are not the definitely for linkein. I am repeating that linkein is a professional network and all of your activities should fall in the category of PROFESSIONAL.

Above all are the grave mistakes for linkedin. If you want to use linkeind effectively then avoid these mistakes. If you think that there could be more mistakes then do share with us through comment box.
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Disclaimer: All views in above article is purely mine and I am not paid through anybody or any network


  1. dear, nice one however..still I felt that due to the fact that all social networks are interlinked like FB,tweeter & LinkedIn wherever u post automatically it will post in ur wall..especially if u r using smart phones therefore posting on social networking sites cannot be professional at least every time.
    Aamit Puri..

    1. Dear Puri,

      Yes you are right that is why I always recommend you not to linked your FB and twitter with Linkedin. Always use it separately, If you want to buildup professional image.

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