Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Common Fresher Problems And Solutions Of Them

Getting firsts job is exciting, thrilling and joy full but sometimes it becomes nightmare due to your inexperience and lack of knowledge of corporate world. Sometimes the problems are not too big but you get stressed because you do not know how to handle the situation.
Fresher are sometimes nervous, tense and confused and seniors take benefit of it. They use fresher for their own benefits and sometimes make them scapegoat for them and due to unawareness of corporate politics they fall in the trap which sometimes seriously hurt their career.
After the keen observation we have concluded some top problems which fresher faces at the starting of their career. Do not worry we are not going to only indicate the problem but we also come up  with solution of each problem.

Office Politics

Office politics is no less than country politics. People always backbite, try to take others' credit, do lobbing but office politics becomes hell for fresher because everyone wants to drag them in his camp to strengthen his influence.
What should your behavior in politics? Nothing. just observe every thing, Do not make comments, Do not apple polishing anyone through bad remarks for other. Remember! you are new, you do not know anyone correctly and you need time to understand everyone. So, remain silent as far as you do not have full understanding of your office environment and office colleagues.

Dealing With Boss

Normally freshers have no idea about dealing the boss. They consider boss as super natural person and treat their bosses like masters. They always dread boss and cannot stand in front of him. This attitude hurts their egos and drops their self esteem to low.
If you are facing problem in dealing your boss then relax. Boss is human being just like you. He eats, drinks, sleeps just like a normal person does so, do not afraid of him, respect him but do not dread because fear will make your confidence loose and it leads to mistakes and blunders.

Make yourself always available to your boss. Never say NO to your boss for any assignment even you feel that difficult or impossible. Take challenges in front of your boss and meet the challenges. This is the attitude which make you stronger in your career journey and let you used to tackling career problems.

Managing Bulling Seniors

Some seniors like to play with newcomers. They satisfy their ego by giving them unjustified orders like "Complete the task by afternoon" while it it not necessary  and you have time till tomorrow Or sometimes seniors are like to treat fresher as peon. Order them for fetching a glass of water or tea etc. Some seniors impose their duties on fresher. Some love to extend working hours or curtail off weekend.
Being a fresher, if you think that you are bullied by you seniors then have patience because it is the only weapon, you have right now. Always remember that time is not a permanent thing. It will change and one day you will learn the trick of  handling your nasty superior. If they put their work to you then look at the positive side of picture, You are having a chance of learning their work, which will help you to take promotion, take their position. If they are extending your working hours or curtailing your weekly off then do not worry, stay at office and try to learn others' duties, their nature of work and work procedures. Add this knowledge on resume and make your resume stronger.

If you know some others fresher problems then use the comment box and let us know. We are waiting for you eagerly.

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