Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How To Answer Tricky Interview Questions - What Are Your Strengths?

You surely know about the positive aspects of your personality and you are proud of them but sometimes it is difficult to explain your strengths in front of someone specially when it gets to interviewer.

When you are asked in interview about your strengths then your mind start analyzing yourself and wondering what is most impressive strengths which you should list down during the interview to win the job but have you ever think what strengths are required for the recruiter? have you ever tried to read the recruiter mind to reply exact the same  answer which recruiter want to hear?

We have been discussing tricky interview questions and we have covered questions like:
  1. What Was The Toughest Decision You Ever Have Made?
  2. Why Do You Want To Work With Us?
  3. Why Should We Hire You?
  4. If We Hire You, What Changes Will You Make?
  5. Can We Offer You A career Path?
But for me today's question is really interesting because it seems so naive but not in actual. Interviewee generally takes this questions as a chance of making impression and start telling his/her strengths without knowing the fact that a personality trait which you call strength may be a weakness for recruiter and your so-called strength is not compatible for the position for which you are being interviewed. So how you should deal this question?

You need to be smart and intelligent to right give answer of it. This question demands you to understand the need of organization and reply accordingly.

Be proactive and do some homework to efficiently reply this interview question. Try to analyze the skills and competencies what your potential post demands. If you are fresher then get help of any experienced person or your mentor to understand the challenges you may face at the post you are called for interview. If you have been in the field for a while then you probably have fair idea about the challenges of different posts.

Once you get the idea of strengths which you should have for your potential post then match it with the strengths you have. If you have approximately the same or similar set of strengths then tell it to interviewer but if you feel that you are lacking with the strengths then do not get stressed, calm down and pray that you would not asked this question. If, unfortunately interviewer asks this question then forget about your own strengths and tell him the strengths INTERVIEWER wants. Yeah I know it is lie but after the interview try to develop those strengths in yourself . Do not worry, most of strengths can be developed through practice, determination and hard work.

What Should Do If Something Goes Wrong During The Interview?

Well beside of all the homework something may go wrong during the interview or it may not happen as you planned like wrong judgment of strengths required to post or your strength may be a weakness according to interviewer. In that case do not be nervous, do not try to change your statement, do not look embarrass. Show some attitude and be confident and proud of your strengths. If interviewer calls your strength a weakness then prove your strengths as strengths with solid rationales.

Our next interview question will be:


  1. Thanks for sharing information it is really useful.

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  2. Thanks for sharing information it is really useful.

    Advice for Career


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