Monday, January 20, 2014

How To Handle Tricky Interview Question - What You Didn't Like About Your Previous Job

An ex-employee always enjoy commenting negatively about his or her former employer but when, in interview you are asked to comment about your ex-employer or former job, you may do not know how to react or how should you deal with it. Whether a cautious behavior is recommended in this situation or you should be hundred percent negatively honest on it.

If you always get confused on this interview question and cannot decide on correct answer then don't worry this post will solve your problem by teaching you the technique of answering it. When you will come to end of this post, you will have already learnt to handle this interview question but before reading this post, We strongly recommend you to read previous posts of the series HOW TO HANDLE 16 TOUGHEST INTERVIEW QUESTIONS so you can crack every interview with all possible questions.

Why Is This Question Asked?

The main purpose of asking about your previous job is to check your understanding and expectations from job and employer. If you have complains about it then interviewer judges that why do you have that complains? Either you or your employer who is more responsible for those complains.

How To Handle It?

You can handle this question easily and give any answer but keep following points in mind.

Do Not Be Too Complaining About Your Previous Job

You may have lots of issues with your previous job but listing all of them in front of interviewer is not a good practice. Actually nobody likes to hear grievances and complaints from other and the person who listens it, only gets irritate. So always avoid too much complaining about your previous job.

Stick To Professional Complaints

You are professional and are being interviewed for your next career move so the professional attitude is needed. Forget about your personal issues with your former job and ex-employer and point your professional differences with your ex-job. It will create positive and professional image of you and let interviewer know about your professional understandings.

Up to Three Problems Are Enough

Do not talk too much on this subject. Just highlight 2 or 3 professional differences and it will be enough. Too much discussion on this subject will be dangerous as it will lead to saying ill about your previous job.

Do Not Say Ill About The Ex-Employer

Saying ill about anything or anybody always creates bad impression of speaker. So avoid it.

These are some points to be remembered to answer this interview question. Do you have any points to be remembered in this regard? We would love to hear. The comment box is open for all of you.

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