Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tricky Interview Question - What Are Your Weaknesses?

No body in the world is without weakness but admitting it in front of others is rather difficult and it becomes more difficult when you have to point out your own weaknesses in interview.

You always search for the safe way of answering this interview question but sometimes you do not know what actually is a SAFE way. A safe way always shield you from the negative impact and disguise your weakness as general  weakness which do not worth to be considered. Let us find this safe way together but hold on for a minute, have you learnt handling all six tricky interview questions which we discussed in previous posts? If no then I recommend you to start reading from HOW TO ANSWER 16 TOUGHEST INTERVIEW QUESTIONS.

Do Not Get Emotional

Some interviewee gets emotional on it. become nervous, lose confidence, gets angry, some mind it. some show unpleasant behavior but I strongly recommend you not to change your emotional state at this interview question. Stay calm and cool. Abrupt emotional change may lead to wrong path.

Do Not Be Smart Alec

You cannot play with interviewer by answering this smartly. Mention some of your GOOD habits as weakness like I forget myself while completing any assignment or I hardly take off while it is my right etc etc. can throw you out from the job race because like your strengths interviewer wants to know the negative aspects of your personality so he can get utmost productivity from you.

2 To 3 Irrelevant Weaknesses Are Enough To Tell

At this time, you are not supposed to be an honest gentle person to recall your each and every weakness. Just tell 2 to 3 irrelevant weaknesses to interviewer. Here, by IRRELEVANT, I mean about the weaknesses which cannot be issue for your potential employer and cannot be harmful for the responsibilities for which you are being interviewed.

If you have some more idea of handling this tricky interview question the comment box is open for you.

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